Your Oral Health Is Important

With Oral health being correlated to Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Oral Cancer, and other diseases, its scary to know that most cases are caught too late because of lack of screenings. With most people rarely seeing a dentist, we realized that we needed to empower other medical professionals to screen for these diseases.

Bridging this need is what drove our team to come up with a better solution.

You’re not healthy without good oral health
— Dr. C. Everett Koop, Former U.S. Surgeon General


Ora1 System

Screening tool & Clinical Decision Support System application

  1. High accuracy with low cost  

  2. Image processing with machine learning

  3. Risk prediction algorithm

  4. Provides patient education

  5. Multiple optics and imaging types

*Currently undergoing clinical testing at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Argentina.

icons8-workflow-filled-100 (1).png

Better Documentation

Take photos with our application, annotate the pictures, and produce reports that the patient can use when going to a specialist

Improved Workflow

The Ora1 integrates seamlessly into medical workflows allowing clinics little downtime in starting oral screenings

Cost Savings

Our device cost fractions less than what is on the market to make sure oral screenings are performed more frequently in every clinic



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